Skyline Lacrosse is one of the oldest lacrosse organizations in California, first established in 1979. At that time, competition was among high schools such as University High in San Francisco and Novato High School, UC Berkeley and Stanford, the San Fran

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Skyline Lacrosse Club Mission Statement



Skyline Lacrosse is  a non-profit, volunteer, athletic organization dedicated to teach, grow and honor the sport of lacrosse. We strive to enhance and improve participating players’ skills and foster an environment of sportsmanship and teamwork while providing a fun, positive, and enriching experience for players.


Guiding Principles and Strategies for 2018-2019


Players’ development of skills and love of lacrosse

  • Support/resources  for coaches

  • Teams emphasize practice and effort

  • Support for team managers, fields, equipment, etc.


Sportsmanship and community

  • High expectations for commitment to team

  • Teams emphasize positive attitude, teamwork, commitment

  • Build culture of volunteerism, positivity


Opportunities for play

  • Engage as many lacrosse players as possible, sustainably, within club capacity

  • Field teams at most appropriate A/B levels to maximize skill level-appropriate participation for greatest number of participants